Divine, Delightful, and Delicious….

July 23, 2009




I recently signed up with Blotanical, a directory (or so I thought at the time) of garden related blogs from around the world. It is so much more than a directory! I’ve only been a member for a short time but have already discovered many like minded gardeners, even potential friends. I’ve found hundreds of garden blogs and I’m reading through them bit by bit, bookmarking my favorites and savoring those filled with lush colorful photos. After a day in the garden it’s fun to see what other gardeners have blooming in theirs. Check it out!!


One of my favorite bloggers from Blotanical, Lynn of Best in Bloom Today inspired me to tell you about my daylilies. It’s her favorite flower and I’m sure I don’t have as many as she does, but I do have a nice collection.  And they’re in full bloom right now!  Like irises and lilies I started with just a few & couldn’t restrain myself from buying more. And more. And then some more. I’m a plantaholic in that way, just one or two won’t do it for me. Even a few is not enough. No, when I fall in love with a plant I must have as many as I can gather & fit into my garden and then some.


My daylilies are in peak bloom right now, filling my garden with color. From typical yellow and orange to exotic pinks, reds, almost black to almost pure white. I started collecting them shortly after I became involved with iris. My firends, Paul & Thomas of Mid America Garden also grew daylilies for many years & their fields were so inspiring I bought a lot from them. They always packed my box with almost as many bonus bulbs as those I’d ordered! Receiving a box of plants from Paul & Thomas was like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one.


Some of the catalogs selling daylilies were not as discriminating as Mid America Garden. I received puny plants. Not just small, but tiny tiny tiny! Of course that was at the onset of my daylily passion and I didn’t know what they were supposed to look like, so didn’t realize I wasn’t getting the best plants. Until I learned to plant those tiny starts into good soil, they slowly limped along, producing weak stems and tiny flowers and some just fizzled out. I know, I know they would’ve fared better had I the knowledge to plant them properly!  But now I know & will help anyone who asks!


Some catalogs that I ordered from promised what they couldn’t deliver. They showed pictures of PURPLE and BLUE daylilies that I swooned over and ordered, but they always bloomed RED! My friend Angela, owner of Parkdale Gardens & I had lunch one day with well known hybridizer Dan Heims & a discussion of catalog companies enhancing photos showed me the light. There is no purple or blue daylily… Yet!  They might have blue or purple in their names, but they are not those colors!


The photos in all the catalogs that I had collected were so gorgeous, I couldn’t wait to add these daylilies to my garden. Whether they arrived small & shrimpy or lush and huge, I immediately planted them. Of course you now know by ‘immediately’, I mean after I’d dug out the rocks & imporoved the soil! Unfortunately I didn’t read up on daylillies & planted them initially in a shady spot where I wanted to see color. Or in a blazing hot area with cracked clay that I mistook for soil.


Eventually I learned about proper planting & moved my beautiful daylilies to a sunny well drained location, fed them & guess what?!!


They started growing!




Becoming thick with flowers, strong stems & BLOOMING!!!


They became robust hardy plants that gave me endless hours of joy.


I am now overrun by daylilies, but love the lush look.


And I love sharing with my friends who are in need of daylilies for their gardens!


Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time……..



12 Responses to “Divine, Delightful, and Delicious….”

  1. Candace Says:

    What a beautiful variety of colors, so rich and diverse. I didn’t know daylilies came in so many colors. Your garden is a paradise!

  2. Thanks Candace!!

  3. bangchik Says:

    The range of color is so wide… beautiful! ~ bangchik

  4. Those are really beautiful!

  5. autumnbelle Says:

    Your garden is so beautiful now. It’s like a walk in eden. I like the white and peach lily most.

  6. Thank you so much, your comments are truly appreciated!

  7. ellen abbott Says:

    Oh Linda, these are just gorgeous. I love daylilies too. I did a post earlier when mine were in bloom (look for ‘a lily a day’ in May). If you ever divide your lilies and if I have some you don’t, I’ll swap with you.

  8. Thanks Ellen, I’m always up for a trade! I do have to divide mine this fall, so I’ll go right over to your blog & shop!!

  9. Holly Says:

    I need to know the name of the mahogany colored d.l. The very first dark one with the orange throat! If you wouldn’t mind sharing? Did you know a friend of mine who has started to grow her own varieties named one after me? How cool is that?

  10. Congratulations, on your namesake, it’s very cool to have a flower named for you! Sorry to disappoint you Holly, but I don’t know the name of that dark dl – it was given to me by a friend a few years ago & she didn’t know what it is either. If any other readers might know the name, please tell us!

  11. Raji Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your daylily collection. I was not a big fan of them before as I have seen only the yellow ones(I am new to gardening in US, daylilies were not much available in India.) Last week I had planted 4 of them for the first time. Following you I am going to collect them if possible. Also just joined the botanical after reading your blog. You have a wonderful and very informative blog.

  12. Thank you so much, Raji, it was delightful visiting your blog!

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