Tiniest Tomatoes?

August 3, 2009

World's Tiniest Tomatoes?

World's Tiniest Tomatoes?

You know I don’t grow anything ‘functional’, but my husband does.  He is into ‘function’ the way I am into ‘decorative’.  If it has no use, he has no use for it.  He usually has a patch of tomatoes and assorted vegetables that never get weeded, but he fences them for deer protection, waters without overwatering, and uses compost regularly.  He does lift out the larger weeds, long after I would’ve pulled them, but who am I to tell him how to run his veggie patch!  More often than not, the veggies overtake any weeds anyway, as he tends his plants then serves up glorious vegetables for our meals all summer.  This year is different.  Last night’s first crop of ripe tomatoes were very different.

The beginning of summer was cool, overcast and even rainy.  The last few weeks have been over 100º most days!  Weather  aside, all other growing conditions were the same as every year, ….fresh soil in his planter box, conveniently located on the sunny front deck…

Tomato plants

Tomato plants

These  tiny tomatoes are what awaited me for dinner last night!!  They must be the world’s tiniest tomatoes!  What’s up with these tomatoes?  They taste like tomatoes, albeit tiny tastes.  While everyone else is showing off their ten pound bright red beauties, we’re studying these babies trying to figure out if we should put them in a salad where they’ll get lost, or eat them like raisins!  Or maybe…..yes, maybe we should put them up on EBay!

Thanks for stopping by, even for a ‘tiny’ bit!   Until next time, when I plan to tell you about recent visits from Flower Fairies….


10 Responses to “Tiniest Tomatoes?”

  1. ellen abbott Says:

    What’s functional about tomatoes smaller than a dime!

  2. Lol, they were supposed to be larger, more functional, but the tomato fairies tricked us!

  3. Candace Says:

    Ohhh, I love fairies, can’t wait. Well, there are cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes, what would these be…raisin tomatoes? Maybe you’ve started a new species, or genus, or whatever it’s called.

  4. keewee Says:

    They may be tiny, but I bet every bite is delicious.
    I have some which are a little larger, probably the size of a quarter, but the tomatoes I am eagerly waiting for, are Black Russian. These are a first for me and every day I go out to the garden to see if the first to start ripening are ready to harvest.There will be not much ripening going on today as there is a very fine misty rain falling. I wish we would have a good drenching downpour, as it is very dry here on the island.

  5. Misty here today too! Yes, they are delicious, just TINY, lol!! Thanks for your comment!

  6. Oh don’t tempt me to enter more contests or I’ll be all day at the computer instead of in my garden, lol!

  7. Sunita Says:

    Do you think it could be a genetic thing? My husband is exactly the same. He’s got no use for flowers but he’ll turn the whole place upside down to grow a few veggies!
    Those tomatoes are cute though. They must look great garnishing a dish.

  8. Genetics no doubt!

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