Blotanical ~ A Must for Blogging Gardeners!

September 14, 2009

Top of my garden

Upper section of my garden, near the road.

When I began my garden blog it was really just for me.  A tool to share my garden progress with friends who were just starting out as well as my mentors, to share my achievements.

Shortly after I started, I wondered how many other garden blogs there might be & when my search revealed 1,110,000,000 for ‘gardening blogs’ I knew I’d never read them all!  I started on page one, looking at many of the sites and noticed over & over that my favorites contained the icon for Blotanical.  My curiosity sent me to check it out and what a find!!  I joined immediately.

I had to use Blotanical for a while before understanding all the avenues I could traverse because there’s so much content.  I am now having a lot of fun and truly enjoy the other blogs & blotanists I’ve found there.  Mind you, I’m still ‘new’ to it, and am continually learning, but everyone there is very friendly & encouraging to newcomers.  You can choose favorite bloggers, favorite blogs and favorite posts.  You can send & receive messages to other gardeners, and ask questions (or answer them!) in the forums.  There’s so much more, but these are the basics that I am now comfortable using.  I just figured out how to edit one section of my profile, so you can finally see the ‘about me’ next to my profile picture.  Thanks to Diana for helping the technically challenged!

This time of year there is a vote for the 2009_Blotanical Awards.  There are so many blogs from which to choose for each category!  And so many categories that no blog gets left out!  It will be difficult to choose the best of photography (you know I love big colorful photos, and there are so many talented photographers who are blogging about their gardens!).  How can I choose the best blog design (I have it narrowed down to my top three!) or The Best Blog Name?!  There’s also a Newcomer blog of the year (wouldn’t that be ME you ask?  No, silly, I can’t vote for myself, so hope YOU will, tee hee!!).  A couple of the big votes are Garden Blog of the Year, and Blotanist of the Year – I have my favorites, but how does one decide among them???  There’s even a category for the favorite blog from each state and eight countries!  Yes, Blotanical is an international connection for gardeners of every kind.  If you don’t see me for a few more days it’s because I’m checking out each blog to vote for my favorites!  While I’m doing that, you should go check right now!  Be patient if it takes a little time to load, the wait is worth it!

Thanks for stopping by! until next time…..


11 Responses to “Blotanical ~ A Must for Blogging Gardeners!”

  1. bangchik Says:

    You are right about Blotanical … such a great site for gardeners or whoever that has slightest inclination towards plants and nature. It is good also for those about to get into autumn and soon winter, coming into blotanical and start hopping around the globe, to check what’s growing and blooming in other part of the big world…. We do learn a lot through Blotanical… Great post from you!! Cheers, ~bangchik

  2. I think yours is one of THE most popular blogs at Blotanical! I appreciate your comment Bangchik, & enjoy seeing what you grow in Malaysia!

  3. What a great find Linda! Awesome place for gardeners. Thanks! Now I’m trying to figure out how to cast my vote!

  4. Isn’t Blotanical great? Very nice post. It’s on my list to do a post on Blotanical someday soon. It certainly has boosted my gardening experience a thousand times over, getting to know so many garden bloggers.

  5. Thanks Meredith, I’ve been very inspired by many of the gardens AND blogs, yours included!

  6. Lynn Says:

    Blotanical has many benefits, you are right. I am new, too, and already the site has brought me in touch with many new garden blogs. So much to review and read via Blot that I find myself sneaking bits of time here and there just to discover new gardeners around the world.


  7. A warm welcome to blotanical and my blog! Thanks for the comment & I loved your garden bench photo! Ah so much to explore and so little time!!

  8. Charlotte Says:

    You’re right! Blotanical is a really great platform – I understood nothing about blogging before I got involved, but now I have regular readers which is an even greater incentive to visit new gardens and share what I see!

  9. Thomas Says:

    Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog. I just joined Blotanical and am finding it a bit confusing…that’s only because I’m technologically challenged. 🙂 I love the picture above! It looks like a nice shady area to sit in and relax. I’m hoping to create a shade garden in my an area of my yard that doesn’t get much sun. I will definitely be pursuing your blog for some design ideas!

  10. Thanks for your comments Charlotte & Thomas! Appreciate your stopping by. I’m also technically challenged & still learning about blogging, so am especially happy when you all visit!

  11. Candace Says:

    It sounds really interesting and cool, I’ll check it out even though I’m not a gardener. I’ll live vicariously through all of you unless I get bit by the garden bug. They’re beautiful but I’m lazy in that way.

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