September 19, 2009

Sunrise!  Thank you God.

Sunrise! Thank you God.

Spectacular morning!  Thought I’d share it with you while you’re waiting for my next post.   I’m writing about the wonderful time I had touring the Le Tour des Plants put on by the Oregon Association of Nurseries.  Coming soon.  I promise!

Thanks for stopping by!  Until I get the next entry finished up…..


17 Responses to “Sunrise”

  1. Holly Says:

    Oh my goodness truly spectacular and how good of you to share it with all of us! Love your day…

  2. Tatyana Says:

    OMG! Words are not needed.

  3. Thanks friends, it was most spectacular!

  4. jeroldssis Says:

    Those colors are spectacular! My camera is itchin’ to photograph that…sigh…one day….

  5. One day I can’t wait for! Next summer?

  6. Scott Says:

    Awsome image!!

  7. nancybond Says:

    Breathtaking! It looks very much like the view from our Canadian Rockies at sunrise.

  8. I so appreciate your comments, thank you!

  9. Yan Says:


  10. lynnsgarden Says:

    Linda, I can just cry looking at this amazing scenery! Makes you thank GOD to be alive and witness such beauty! 🙂

  11. Indeed, beyond words!

  12. Candace Says:

    Good heavens, what a view you have from that beautiful garden of yours!

  13. Mary Delle Says:

    What a photograph!! And taken right from your own garden.

  14. Kate Says:

    What an amazing view!

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