Beckoned by a Red-breasted Sapsucker

November 11, 2009

This is my busy season with work, so a leisurely visit to my garden is a luxury not often enjoyed right now.  I notice changes quickly along the driveway as I speed in and out making deliveries and picking up supplies.  Mostly I see a blur of brown with a tinge of green from conifers as I come and go.

Just a peek

My dog insists we take a daily walk, so I take a different route through the garden each day trying to catch hints of progress, or should I say demise as she pulls me forward trying to get me to move at a faster pace, more to her liking.

Come out where I can see you better!

Last week, as we re-entered the property, much to my surprise and delight I noticed a Red-breasted Sapsucker!

Red-breasted Sapsucker

I ran in to grab my camera & he waited for me! I snapped as many shots as close as I could get until he flew into the fir tree across the garden.


As long as I was there with camera in hand, I began searching for color and looking to see what else was new since I last explored.


The first to be noticed were maples changing colors and conifers.

Surrounded by angelsAnd conifers changing color.  My Dawn Redwood  will drop her needles soon.

Dawn RedwoodI see I forgot to put away my yellow chairs.  How could I have missed those bright cheery yellow chairs?

Yellow ChairsAs I looked up into the trees, I noticed all the berries still available for interested birds….

Poke berriesThe Poke berries,

Mt.Ash.BerriesMountain Ash berries,

RedTwigDogwoodBerriesAnd the few berries left on my Red Twig Dogwood.

Heuchera.Peach.FlambeAs my gaze shifted from sky to earth I saw my heucheras were still looking good, including my current favorite, Peach Flambe!


Growing near it more Liriope blooms were pushing their way up!

CyclamenAnd sweet little cyclamen!

Fall Crocus

Not to mention several patches of fall crocus still blooming!

ZebrinaAs I ambled further into the sunny area I was delighted to find Zebrina smiling at me!

NigellaImagine my surprise when I found this lone Nigella!  It is Autumn, is it not?  Someone forgot to tell her!  Or perhaps someone thought I’d like this reminder of summer, knowing I wasn’t quite ready for Fall!!

Cement SadFaceSad Face Cement block that I made several years ago indicates my reluctance letting go of summer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time….


9 Responses to “Beckoned by a Red-breasted Sapsucker”

  1. Oh I love taking this tour of your garden as the season changes. Lovely pictures Linda. Thanks so much for sharing. Some of them look like great inspirations for me to create some stained glass. So pretty.

  2. Don Says:

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing your little slice of Eden. Thanks to Kathleen for pointing me your way. -Don

  3. gary wilson Says:

    i love your garden. what an artistic eye you have!

  4. Wow, I’m glad I found your blog, what gorgeous photos. Lucky you to get the pictures of the bird. So far I haven’t had a bird patient enough to wait for me to get my camera.

  5. Thanks everyone! I do hope to see stained glass replicas one day of my garden, Kathleen! Don & Gary I’m so happy you found my little patch of paradise, thanks for your comments, I’ll go check your sites. Deborah, I lost myself in your blog for a few minutes & now I’ll be late getting to the studio, lol, you’ve a like-minded blog!

  6. lynn Says:

    Hi Linda! I love the Poke berry and the Nigella 🙂 All it takes is a little focus and we see soo much beauty around us…glad you ‘found’ these to share! 🙂

  7. Candace Says:

    How fun to get the bird shots. They never wait for me! Your garden is still looking beautiful, it’s too bad you don’t have time to spend there right now. Did you take the yellow chairs in?

  8. Amy Emerick Says:

    Very pretty post! Great shots of the bird. I need to put you on my blogroll…you have a great blog. Amy

  9. I so appreciate your comments, thank you Lynn & Candace (No, I haven’t been back out to take in the chairs!! Yet!!)

    Amy, yours is a great blog too, I’ve just returned the favor!!

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