January 25, 2010

We had an avalanche of snowfall over the last 24 hours.  I went out this morning to catch a glimpse…trudging through knee high heavy snowman-building snow with camera in hand……..

The day before I noticed too many buds for January.  And little sprigs of green poking out of the ground.

Our daytime temperature had soared into the 40’s and some might have thought spring came early.  But I knew it was far to0 early to start thinking spring.

Alas, my beautiful blue chairs need some snowpeople to enjoy them.  Perhaps I’ll make that my plan for today.

‘Dawn’ is still showing color in her buds, that remain in spite of our last icy freeze.

My little glass garden fairy is usually pouty on a good day, but covered in snow…..

…she is downright annoyed!

Then I heard the crash of snow falling off tree limbs as the sun came out.  I was happy to have seen the action before dashing back inside lest it fall on me!

Thanks to the snow plow drivers for keeping our roads clear!

And thanks to you for stopping by!  Until next time…….


12 Responses to “Avalanche”

  1. ellen abbott Says:

    All I have to say about that is…brrrr.

  2. redstudio Says:

    Beautiful! Love the annoyed garden fairy.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Beautiful photos! I wonder if you can relate to my feelings of awe, and the feeling that it really is a far-far-far place from us, literally at the other side of the world. If we will be uprooted from where we are grown it might be like Heaven, or maybe Hell…!lol. thank you!

  4. There are the snow photos! Wow, you got a ton. And your poor little fairy, she does look unhappy.

    Thanks for the pictures. Gorgeous as usual!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the snow *cushions* on your blue chairs 🙂

  6. Candace Says:

    I concur, brrrrrrr! I would stay safe inside so none of that fell on me.

  7. That last photo is breathtaking! I’m glad you caught that avalanche of snow falling from the trees on your camera and not on your head! I always hold my gardening breath this time of year. We frequently have warm spells that entice young buds to swell, then a freeze hard enough to kill will get them. We actually have snow predicted here for later this week. We haven’t had snow enough to accumulate yet this year. We will see.

  8. It’s very peaceful looking. I’m glad to see you also appreciate those highway guys who keep roads open. They get a lot of grief sometimes but I wouldn’t want to try their job for any money.

  9. Kyna Adams Says:

    Those snow pictures are amazing! We haven’t even had one flake this year (that may change by next week though) I’d love to see what those chairs look like without snow….:)

  10. Breathtaking beauty! I think your little angel would prefer to be on an indoor Christmas tree! Great capture of the snow avalanche;-)

  11. beautiful pictures – glad I stumbled across you!

  12. Thanks so much for all your comments, I truly appreciate each and every one!!

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