Get Ready Spring, Here I Come!

February 18, 2010

Sugar Lips

Ordered my dahlias….


And my cannas….  Lots more to do!!!!


7 Responses to “Get Ready Spring, Here I Come!”

  1. Great pics! That color is amazing…

  2. Oh, these are so exuberant! Spring, please hurry 🙂

  3. I am ready for spring to get here! I am planning a visit to the local nursery tomorrow. I’m not sure what will be available yet, but nothing prettier than sugar lips for sure! You just have to love a plant with a name like that.

  4. Thanks Dirty Girl! Love that name, lol!

    Ms. S I’m with you, please hurry Spring!

    Deb, I can’t wait to see what you found at the nursery! I’m coming over to look right now!!

  5. Bernie Says:

    Gorgeous photos … I have the same canna! Enjoy all your preparations for spring.

  6. Loving the colours! When spring arrives, can you send it up to see me!!!!

  7. Bernie, thanks for stopping by!

    Deborah, even MORE color will be coming soon! Just received a few more catalogs that MUST be ordered from.

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