Just me and Treasure, Alone at the Beach!

March 18, 2010

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I awoke to a warm sunny windless day.  I had some errands to do was my excuse to get out of the studio after days of packing up supplies for an upcoming conference/ trade show.   Mt. Hood was so glorious this morning that I used her as my 365 photo today.  I should’ve waited and used this one!  In all her glory, rising above Hood River she was heart-stopping, breath-taking downright gorgeous.

A quick look down the Gorge, I was surprised at how low the river was.  I won’t bore you with my every stop, I raced through each errand to end up with a little time on the beach with Treasure.  Sun shining.  No wind.  And NO PEOPLE!  Just me and Treasure alone on that wide expanse of beach below Mt. Hood on the shore of the Columbia.  Heaven!

When the river’s low like it was today, the beach seems endless.  Treasure had so much fun chasing birds, examining things on the ground (as only a dog can) at our every turn, chasing sticks I tossed for her, and running circles around me.

We walked, ran and played for an hour.  And still no people!  Then she decided to chase after a bird straight into the river!  She’d never done that before!!

I was glad she knew how to swim!!  And glad the bird got away.

One last look down the river and I had to get back to work.  Three major projects finished and almost out the door; but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with small promised projects.  The future owners have been graciously waiting.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time….


13 Responses to “Just me and Treasure, Alone at the Beach!”

  1. It looks like Treasure was feeling the spirit of the day as much as you! This post brought back happy memories of my family’s visit to that area last summer. Lucky you to get to enjoy it year round! What beautiful pictures of Mt. Hood and the Gorge.

  2. Thanks Deb! Yes, Treasure was having a ton of fun! Today was one of those ‘perfect’ days! Let me know if you head this way again!!

  3. What a heavenly break! You and Treasure really made the best of it. Your photo of Mt. Hood is stunning! 🙂

  4. LD Says:

    bet that water was surprisingly COLD on a warm day, so early in the season. looks like a fun time. great pic of Mt Hood… the winds off Mt Hood will freeze your arse off!

  5. Thank you so much Ms. S! It was indeed a heavenly break!

  6. Thanks Lori! Treasure did look a bit surprised!

  7. Wonderful shots! Well deserved break after all of the projects you’ve been working on! Treasure is such a beautiful dog, too!

  8. Thanks Terrie! Thanks for keeping up with me when I can’t keep up with myself, lol!

  9. Candace Says:

    Glorious backdrop for time spent with your dog! Glad you stole those moments.

  10. Easy Organic Gardening Tips Says:

    Treasure is a beautiful animal. The photos you took look spectacular. I hope you had a great time. I am also really happy spring is here so I can now get gardening.

  11. Thanks Candace & EOGT, I appreciate your visits!!

  12. OH ouch, wish I had seen this before my trip to your area. You belonged in the talk I gave at the Columbia Center for the Arts. My talk was, The Artist in the Garden-The Garden in the Artist and YOU were just what I had in mind.

    I would’ve loved to have met you and shared ideas.

    Love Treasure!

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  13. Sorry I couldn’t come into town for your talk, I hated having to miss it! Thrilled you found my blog, perhaps we can connect another time!

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