Invitation to dine?

October 13, 2011

When I asked my husband to trim some limbs from our flowering almond trees along the driveway, I wasn’t thinking it would make a tasty treat for a herd of deer.  Yes, a herd!  It appears this simple act of pruning was indeed an invitation for a full day and night of feasting.  I would’ve been ok with it if they’d just stuck to the fallen branches, but they had to browse further into my shady perennial beds!

As I crept closer, the little one was the only deer to notice me.  The others continued gorging on the fallen limbs and beyond.  I couldn’t remember when I’d last sprayed Liquid Fence, but it must be time to spray again.  I know, if you live in a city it may seem cool to have a herd of deer at the end of your camera lens.  Yes, in a way it is …..

Until you realize they’ve eaten hundreds of dollars of plant material.  Even as the herd watched me approach they grabbed one last bite before skittering over to the neighbors and out of sight.  They didn’t go far because they were back every thirty minutes until the limbs were completely stripped of leaves.  I was glad to see them, but where’d I leave that sprayer filled with Liquid Fence?

I’ve tried many ‘deer repellents’ over the last 25 years of tending this garden and some have worked for a few days.  Liquid Fence is the only thing that has worked for 3 seasons now (as long as I remember to spray every 3 to 4 weeks).  I wonder what has worked for you?

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!!


3 Responses to “Invitation to dine?”

  1. Candace Says:

    Okay, I live in a city and I do think it’s cool. I’m sorry they’re so destructive, though. But they look so sweet and innocent…and make a perfect blog post.

  2. Ms. S Says:

    I do have sympathy for you as we get deer here in my neighbourhood because we border a nature reserve. Although, to see so many must have been kinda a thrill too….glad you got the photos!

  3. Yes, I’d rather see them than live in a city. And they are kinda cute…..when they’re not eating any ‘special’ plants, lol.

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