Goldfinches are Back!

April 25, 2012

After a heavy rain complete with thunder and lightning…

I noticed the goldfinches are back!

The red heads have been here awhile.  Does anyone know if this is a house finch or a purple finch?

Thanks for stopping by.  Work has kept me from the garden.  Another weekend selling my art glass has just passed with another on the way…..


4 Responses to “Goldfinches are Back!”

  1. Someone else said redpoll. I’d never heard that moniker, thanks!

  2. Holly Says:

    Hmm, I would have said house finch. I have both at my feeders big time for the past few weeks now!

  3. I’m leaning toward Purple finch. The beak is definitely finch, not redpoll and he’s very red. Redder than a house finch I think….or do I just love purple and want hime to be called purple…..

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