September: A New Month, A New Camera

September 2, 2012


What  joy!  My new camera is a Nikon D5100.  I have a HUGE learning curve ahead of me.


I love my Nikon CoolPix P80, but sometimes wished for something that would really capture what I was seeing.  Back in the days of 35 mm film I had a great Nikon AF camera with zoom and macro lenses, but it was heavy and I like the weight and freedom of my point & shoot P80.  Knowing the difference between the two, it is at times frustrating when I miss a shot because my camera won’t engage as quickly or see as clearly or get as close as I’d want to be.


September is my birthday month and I pooled all my resources (family) to go in together for one gift.  For my birthday AND Christmas.  The one gift I’ve been wanting but denying myself for over a year.  And could I please have it early?


Although I think I got some pretty good shots with a point and shoot, I cannot wait to see what I get with my new camera.  I can see the difference just with these first ‘fooling around’ photos.  The clarity.  The immediacy of the shutter release.  The fact that I did very little editing – mostly just cropping.

Steller’s Jay at Feeder, shot through the kitchen window.

If you don’t see me for awhile you’ll know why!  Or I might have to post even more photos than before!  A new adventure begins!!

Thanks for stopping by!


8 Responses to “September: A New Month, A New Camera”

  1. Happy Birthday! Your fooling around shots are amazing. Sounds like a great camera.

  2. Thanks so much Sue!!

  3. cfortglass Says:

    Oh Linda, this is too exciting. Glad they gave it to you early! I know and remember (still have it) the excitement of pulling out the best camera at your disposal. !!! Congratulations. c

  4. Let’s schedule a photo adventure soon, Charlene!

  5. Candace Says:

    Congrats, Linda, have fun with it and happy birthday!

  6. I am having a wonderful time with it Candace, thanks!

  7. Lynn Says:

    I’ve been crazy over my Nikon 5000 since I bought it. The high res alone is worth it! Happy birthday to you — you’re going to really enjoy your new camera.

  8. Thank you Lynn! It’s difficult to stay focused on the day to day chores or stay in my studio when I have this beautiful camera asking to be picked up and taken outside for some fun and exciting play time. I’m going to make note cards with some of my photos, so now I have an excuse each time I grab it & run outside – I’m working!!

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