Magical Morning in January

January 18, 2013

Steider Studios:  Winter Chickadee

This little chickadee drew me outside.

Steider Studios:  Hoarfrost on Pine Branches

The wonder of hoarfrost kept me in my wintery garden for a bit.

Steider Studios:  Winter Birdcage with Hoarfrost

My purple birdcage is only partially covered.

Steider Studios:  Hoarfrost on Twigs

Our backyard fence, bent from heavy snowfall earlier this winter.

Steider Studios:  Winter Nuthatch

I counted six nuthatches at our feeders today along wit a multitude of chickadees.

Steider Studios:  Winter Pine Branch with Hoarfrost

When the sun appeared, the glistening hoarfrost was magical.

Steider Studios.Winter.Buggette

My garden ‘Buggettes’ prove to be colorful bright spots this time of year.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 3

Hoarfrost looks downright prickly here!

Steider Studios:  Winter Nuthatch Side View

Another nuthatch, ready for his turn at our feeders.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 4

Trying to capture the glistening as hoarfrost is struck by sun’s warmth.

Steider Studios:  Winter Ladybug

My glass Ladybug is another bright spot in my winter garden.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 2

Clusters throughout my garden were covered with hoarfrost, but the sun was fading fast.

Steider Studios:  Winter Blue Chairs and Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed covered with hoarfrost in front of my blue chairs.

Steider Studios:  Winter Garden Oblisk

For a minute I didn’t recognize this!  Metal obelisk waiting for spring plants to emerge.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 1

As the sun disappeared, I snapped this last shot & faded into the warmth of my house.  Thanks for stopping by!  Especially in the depth of winter!!


16 Responses to “Magical Morning in January”

  1. paul skaar Says:

    Awesome and beautiful photos Linda. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Lovely Linda … Love the frost pics!

  3. Thanks so much Elizabeth!!

  4. Connie Gates Says:

    Nice shots. Looks like a fun photo shoot with your new camera.

  5. Marg MacNeil Says:

    These are beautiful. Are they taken with that new little square camera you have?

  6. Thanks Connie, it was indeed fun while the sun was making everything glisten!

  7. Thank you Marg! These were all taken with my new Nikon. I think you’re referring to the Lytro, which I should play with more often!

  8. Well Linda, once again you have captured the essence of living high on a mountain. I love hoar frost except that those prickles are also what happens inside your nose when you take a deep breath of air in that cold. The sound of crunch is also music to your senses when you have hoar frost. Just can’t capture that sound on camera. Nice job. “C

  9. Thank you Charlene! It is indeed lovely outside, but the cold isn’t my favorite cup of tea. I know we’re warmer than others at 22º, but I prefer 70!

  10. Charlie Says:

    Your photos are amazing and beautiful. Winter is hard for me, so thank you for recasting it in such a special light.

  11. Candace Says:

    A winter wonderland! How pretty and it’s always nice to get great shots right outside your door so you can go right back into the warmth.

  12. Thank you so much Charlie, I think we’re all looking for light in the NW this time of year.

  13. Candace, I so appreciate your stopping by – your blog gives me light from the SW during our gray NW winter days!

  14. Betsi Says:

    What wonderful photos, Linda! I especially love the one with your blue chairs. Such contrast between them and the beautiful frost! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  15. Thanks so much Betsi! I love those blue chairs, they’re a great contrast during these gray days!

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