Geese in the Gorge

February 16, 2013

Steider Studios:  Three Geese in a Line

I think our eagles have left the Gorge.

Steider Studios:  Geese Duo

I checked at all my usual haunts.

Steider Studios:  Lone Goose

Not one did I see.

Steider Studios:  Group of Geese

In their place I found geese!

Steider Studios:  Geese Come Closer to Shore

They were fun to watch and I was the only one at the park.

Steider Studios:  Pair of Geese

Not one other hiker, biker, walker, birder or hunter.

Steider Studios:  Foursome of Geese

Just me and my dog alone on the beach with geese.

Thanks for stopping by.


6 Responses to “Geese in the Gorge”

  1. debsgarden Says:

    Lovely photos! Geese stay year round at a lake near my home. They seem to think they own the park!

  2. We typically have geese year round here too. It must be their nature to take ownership!

  3. Charlie Says:

    I love watching the geese here in Seattle. Your photos are amazing, thank you.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Charlie, I enjoy the gardening section of your website.

  5. Candace Says:

    I love geese, especially when they’re flying and honking. They seem to have so much fun.

  6. Love having you stop by Candace, the world is spinning too fast these days!

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