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August 19, 2011

You wouldn’t know the path was there if you walked by too fast.  Or hadn’t lived here for awhile.

This shady little path meanders into the forest below my cabin.  I’ve hiked it for over 25 years and always find something new along the way out to the edge of my world.

The shady canopy opens to a field of sun at the lower edge of my property line.  Here, you’ll want to watch out for cobwebs, cow pies, and….

….bikers!  Yes, bikers.  During summer months the path is thick with bikers!  This part of the path belongs to my neighbors, the Kreps family who are wonderful about letting folks use it.

It’s a cow path in spring; I see hunters using it in the fall.  Me?  I traverse it year round.

Someone built this bridge a few years back making it easier to cross the spring creek, which is dry in summer.  We used to jump over it or walk across the rocks.

The path cuts right through a bramble patch.

The berries aren’t large, but provide food for bear and birds.  And sometimes me.

In about a half mile you’ll come to the edge of my world.  But keep going, there’s a better view around the next couple of bends.

Depending on the time of year we have excellent wildflower viewing opportunities.

One year I was surprised to find this bench put together exactly in the perfect viewing area.  It’s a big open hillside at the top of Burdoin Mountain.  I don’t know who built it, but I’m glad they did.  It’s a great resting spot and has an incredible vista.

From the bench you have an unobstructed view of Mt Hood…..

…and the Columbia River Gorge.  On a clearer day you can see forever, but today’s view was pretty nice.

Thanks for stopping by, I’m so happy to see you again!


I couldn’t contain my excitement when I awoke to a warm sunny windless day.  I had some errands to do was my excuse to get out of the studio after days of packing up supplies for an upcoming conference/ trade show.   Mt. Hood was so glorious this morning that I used her as my 365 photo today.  I should’ve waited and used this one!  In all her glory, rising above Hood River she was heart-stopping, breath-taking downright gorgeous.

A quick look down the Gorge, I was surprised at how low the river was.  I won’t bore you with my every stop, I raced through each errand to end up with a little time on the beach with Treasure.  Sun shining.  No wind.  And NO PEOPLE!  Just me and Treasure alone on that wide expanse of beach below Mt. Hood on the shore of the Columbia.  Heaven!

When the river’s low like it was today, the beach seems endless.  Treasure had so much fun chasing birds, examining things on the ground (as only a dog can) at our every turn, chasing sticks I tossed for her, and running circles around me.

We walked, ran and played for an hour.  And still no people!  Then she decided to chase after a bird straight into the river!  She’d never done that before!!

I was glad she knew how to swim!!  And glad the bird got away.

One last look down the river and I had to get back to work.  Three major projects finished and almost out the door; but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with small promised projects.  The future owners have been graciously waiting.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time….

The Lesser Traveled Path

January 18, 2010

I took my dog for a hike down the mountain this morning searching for a good photo of the clouds rolling through the Columbia Gorge.  I was pulled into the Shutter Sisters 365 Project by a friend so I’ve been taking and posting one photo per day and needed today’s shot.

As we progressed along the path I noticed the smaller things closer to earth.   I love the delicate detail of this lichen on the dark ground, enhanced by the sun.

The bright green moss called for it’s portrait to be taken as it bathed in the sun’s warmth.

When we arrived at the footbridge I gasped at the beauty of the sunlight sparkling on water.

What we came to see was this river of clouds moving through the Columbia River Gorge.  I love how the mist rolls in, enveloping the forest and I wanted to capture that.

From our vantage point we could also see Mt. Hood off in the distance.

Using the telephoto on my ‘point & shoot’ I could really see the clouds crashing on the mountain.

We stayed until the clouds began to lift, my dog pawing delicacies on the ground, and me just looking around in awe of the majesty surrounding us, not wanting to leave just yet.

One more shot of The Gorge and we were heading home so I could get some studio work done.  It’s due in two weeks, so I really must get to it.

By now the sun was fully awake and I spotted these twin trees with a heavy load of lichen.

I’ve always liked the name of this one, ‘Old Man’s Beard’.

And again, the dainty detail of this lichen whose name I don’t know.

When we came to this giant old rose bush loaded with hips I had to stop again….

…for a little more practice using the macro on the rose hips…..

…and the rose gall that had been frozen and thawed.  Alas I must get some work done today so we packed up and said goodbye to the open skies.

One last shot of the narrow path leading home, then I ducked in as the clouds descended again.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time…..

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