This has been my busiest spring ever, work-wise!  It’s been wonderful with fantastic projects and great classes.  You can see what I’ve been up to over at my Studio blog if you’d like.

I’ve managed to document the spring growth of my garden, just haven’t had the time to process and post photos.  Looks like my summer might be busier than normal also.

Spring clean up (most gardeners manage to get these tasks done in the fall) has been sporadic at best, so please forgive any unsightly messes you may witness here!

Two weeks ago my bleeding hearts were barely budded out.

They’ve now completely unfurled.

Same with this Clematis…

The little goldfinches started showing up before all the other migratory birds!

I noticed buds on a couple peonies and two weeks later they’re still buds!

One of my tree peonies has her first bud!  Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Kamata-Nishiki’ has resided here for three…four….maybe even five years now.  I can hardly wait to see the purplish pink flower.

If I blink, I might miss my species tulips, they bloom and fade so fast….

…but the Leopard’s bane (Doronicum) blooms on and on and on…

Invaded by Evening Grosbeaks, it’s a struggle to keep the feeders filled once they show up.

But I love their bright color and raucous attitudes.  The daffodils are still blooming…

This is the last of my new pinks to bloom…some of them are very similar with maybe a little more ‘ruffle’ being the only difference.

I have lots of ‘little treasures’ that quickly burst out and shine for only a moment….

…and some that arrive to spend the entire season with me.

My collection of treasured miniature iris are just beginning their bloom season.

Adverse to most groundcover, I’ve found Aubrieta fairly tame, not overly aggressive and easy to pull out should they overrun their bounds.

Drought tolerant Veronica, I’m waiting for her to spread out more.


The Black-headed Grosbeaks are also non-aggressive and can’t get a word in or a sunflower seed out, next to the Evening Grosbeaks!  This little guy waited ten minutes for his chance at the feeders.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hopefully my ‘next time’ post won’t be so far away…..

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