Sand Hill Cranes at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge

May 26, 2014

Steider Studios:  Sand Hill Cranes in Camas Field

Instead of working in my garden, I’ve been going up to Glenwood quite often lately in search of Sand Hill Cranes.  The Conboy National Wildlife Refuge is a wondrous area filled with birds of all kinds.  As we slowly drove by a lovely field of purply blue camas we realized there were a pair of cranes out in the field!

Steider Studios:  Sand Hill Cranes Courting

Even with my new 150 – 600 mm lens they were too far away, so we continued through the refuge and found another pair who were closer.

Steider Studios:  Sand Hill Crane Dancing Alone

They allowed us to watch them graze, dance and chat at one another.  Sorry to the nice man in the truck who had to squeeze past my car on the narrow gravel road.  In my haste to capture the cranes I completely forgot to close my door after grabbing my camera!

Steider Studios:  Pair of Sand Hill Cranes at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge

I love sharing my images with you, hoping you’ll fall in love with these beautiful graceful birds too.  I’m still hoping to catch a glimpse of the babies I’m told are in the area.

Steider Studios:  Sand Hill Cranes at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge

You can see some of the other birds I’ve been following on my studio blog, Steider Studios and my 365 Photos blog as well as my Facebook page, where I post most often.

I know, I should get back to work in my garden now that all my spring shows are over, but I can garden all summer and the babies are only here right now!!

When I have some time I’m going to add a page here to show you all the beautiful, colorful birds and butterflies that congregate in my garden – flying flowers.

Thanks for stopping by, it’s always a pleasure to see you!

4 Responses to “Sand Hill Cranes at Conboy National Wildlife Refuge”

  1. debsgarden Says:

    Hi Linda, these images are stunning, especially the first one. I also love that next to last one that looks like the cranes are discussing something they see. It was good to check in with you. Your blog looks great as it always has.

  2. Beautful photos! Thank you for sharing. I remember going out to see sand hill cranes when I lived in the San Luis Valley. I also had the good fortune to see red crowned cranes in a mating dance in the summer of 2009 in Mongolia on a trip into the interior… they were very tall birds.

  3. Thanks so much Deb!! I’m hoping to catch up with everyone and everything this summer! Life has become too fast and I need to slam on the brakes, lol!!

  4. Wow, lucky you to be in Mongolia and see that mating dance! Thanks so much for the compliment!!

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