Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2013

Steider Studios.Hummer in Magnolia

I spent the day in my garden.

Steider Studios:   Bee in Flight

Watching the birds and bees.

Steider Studios:  Bumble in flight

It was fascinating.  A day of R & R in the midst of weekend art shows.

Steider Studios Bumble in Lungwort

Birds.  Bees.  Flowers.  Lizards.  

Steider Studios:  Blue Bellied Lizard

There’s more, but I have yet another art show to prepare for.  Thanks for stopping by!

Art of the Gorge Poster

This weekend, April 20 and 21, Columbia Gorge Hotel and Spa presents Art of the Gorge!  One of the Blossom Festival Weekend events in Hood River, we have a Facebook event page for our show.  Please click the link and say you’ll join us!  I’ll be there with kiln-formed glass and photography.

Saturday 4/20, 1pm until 7pm; with a reception to meet the artists from 5 until 7pm.

Sunday 4/21 9am until 2pm.

A glorious setting, you can stroll the magnificent grounds, enjoy delectable food, and even spend the night at this historic hotel.

See you there!!

Steider Studios.  Wildflowers, Yellow Balsom Root

Thanks to everyone who came to my studio sale, making it a big success.  We had so much fun but like every weekend art show, I’m left utterly exhausted.

Steider Studios.  Looking East from Rowena Columbia River Gorge

Yesterday I began the clean up, but I move fairly slow after a big event.

Steider Studios.  East, down the gorge from Rowena Crest

Today I hiked Rowena Crest, with magnificent views and wildflowers galore.

Steider Studios.Road to Rowena Crest.4.16.13

The drive is breathtakingly beautiful this time of year with bright green bursting out everywhere.

Steider Studios.Meyer Park.Looking down from Rowena Crest

Looking down at Meyer Park and the Columbia River from the top of Rowena Crest.

Steider Studios.Field of Wildflowers above Columbia River

Fields of Balsam Root above the Columbia River from the top of Rowena Crest.

Steider Studios.Lyle Bridge from Rowena Crest

The Lyle Bridge from the top of Rowena Crest.

*Steider Studios.Blossom from Tree at Rowena Crest

What is the name of this tree?  I know I should know it, but can’t remember.

Steider Studios.Road to Rowena Crest

Time to head back.  Wonderful day of R & R.  My energy will return soon.  I hope!!

Steider Studios.Rowena Crest from 84

Back at the highway, looking up at Rowena Crest, you’d never know what immense beauty rests there.

Steider Studios.Yellow.Wildflowers.Rowena Crest

One more look back at bright yellow beauty before heading home to finish packing up from my yearly studio sale.

Thanks for stopping by!

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