Almost ready....

Almost ready….

I’m an avid gardener & plant collector and I rearrange my garden the way others rearrange their furniture. Not one to pass up an orphaned plant and I freely give away starts from my garden.

I started backwards and learned along the way. The more I learned, the more I realized I needed to know. I began with colorspots. Sweet pansies and petunias. I couldn’t figure out why, year after year they never came back.  I didn’t know the difference between annuals and perennials!

Then a friend gave me some perennials that took hold and grew. And I learned about bulbs. I thought everything would grow tall and prosper. The year I discovered shrubs, I began planting them.  Everywhere.  Regardless of sun, wind, shade, drought or flood.

Finally I learned about the importance of soil and planting in the right environment!

When I understood that trees provide ‘structure’, I began planting trees. And lastly I saw that I needed hardscape, so have been steadily adding that.

I joined the Master Gardeners to learn even more.  Now that I almost know what I’m doing, I thought I’d share with you….

Oh, and I’m a studio artist working with kilnformed (fused) glass and nature art photography for my living.  If interested, you can view my work in my Zibbet shop.  You’ll find some of the photos featured in my blog as note cards, canvas wraps and metal prints; as well as my art glass inspired by nature and critters found in my garden.

Welcome to my garden blog, make yourself at home, feel free to leave a comment & come back often!


Ready to plant

Ready to plant

6 Responses to “About the Gardener”

  1. wendy Says:

    great photos! we are putting together a plant library for our website and are desperate for a good pic of Japanese bloodgrass. any chance we could use yours? we will credit it however you want,
    let me know,
    wendy meyer
    david rolston landscape architects

  2. Thanks for asking, Wendy, & yes you can use my photo of Japanese bloodgrass if photo credit is posted with my photo, not on a separate page. Please give photo credit to Linda Steider of Steider Studios. Appreciate the compliments & a link would be helpful if you are including links!! I’m happy to link back if you’ll notify me.

  3. Alice Joyce Says:

    Love these images of your garden!
    Spring … around the corner? Well, in that frame of mind, at any rate.
    aka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

  4. Thanks for stopping by Alice! Loved your recent posts & the collective at Teza’s.

  5. Ilona Says:

    I think you have an incredibly beautiful garden. So glad to have discovered it, here, online.

  6. Why thank you Ilona, I’m on my way over to visit yours.

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