Geese in the Gorge

February 16, 2013

Steider Studios:  Three Geese in a Line

I think our eagles have left the Gorge.

Steider Studios:  Geese Duo

I checked at all my usual haunts.

Steider Studios:  Lone Goose

Not one did I see.

Steider Studios:  Group of Geese

In their place I found geese!

Steider Studios:  Geese Come Closer to Shore

They were fun to watch and I was the only one at the park.

Steider Studios:  Pair of Geese

Not one other hiker, biker, walker, birder or hunter.

Steider Studios:  Foursome of Geese

Just me and my dog alone on the beach with geese.

Thanks for stopping by.


Magical Morning in January

January 18, 2013

Steider Studios:  Winter Chickadee

This little chickadee drew me outside.

Steider Studios:  Hoarfrost on Pine Branches

The wonder of hoarfrost kept me in my wintery garden for a bit.

Steider Studios:  Winter Birdcage with Hoarfrost

My purple birdcage is only partially covered.

Steider Studios:  Hoarfrost on Twigs

Our backyard fence, bent from heavy snowfall earlier this winter.

Steider Studios:  Winter Nuthatch

I counted six nuthatches at our feeders today along wit a multitude of chickadees.

Steider Studios:  Winter Pine Branch with Hoarfrost

When the sun appeared, the glistening hoarfrost was magical.

Steider Studios.Winter.Buggette

My garden ‘Buggettes’ prove to be colorful bright spots this time of year.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 3

Hoarfrost looks downright prickly here!

Steider Studios:  Winter Nuthatch Side View

Another nuthatch, ready for his turn at our feeders.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 4

Trying to capture the glistening as hoarfrost is struck by sun’s warmth.

Steider Studios:  Winter Ladybug

My glass Ladybug is another bright spot in my winter garden.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 2

Clusters throughout my garden were covered with hoarfrost, but the sun was fading fast.

Steider Studios:  Winter Blue Chairs and Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye Weed covered with hoarfrost in front of my blue chairs.

Steider Studios:  Winter Garden Oblisk

For a minute I didn’t recognize this!  Metal obelisk waiting for spring plants to emerge.

Steider Studios:  Winter Hoarfrost 1

As the sun disappeared, I snapped this last shot & faded into the warmth of my house.  Thanks for stopping by!  Especially in the depth of winter!!

Full Moon Rising

December 28, 2012

Steider Studios:  Full Moon 12.27.12

The last full moon of 2012 appeared tonight above my front porch.  I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera.

Steider Studios:  Full Moon 2, 12.27.12

100 photos later, these are my favorites taken with my Nikon D5100.  I wanted to compare these to my old camera, but by the time I recharged the battery from lack of use we had cloud cover.

Thanks for stopping by & Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

December 24, 2012

Steider Studios:  Cabin in the Woods

Happy Holidays from my  heart to yours!

Why I say ‘Happy Holidays’:  Rest assured my Christian friends, to you I say ‘Merry Christmas’ and completely understand the concept in it’s entirety.  That is… from my failed Catholic, Lutheran perspective. I happen to have friends and relatives who are Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Hindu, Wicca, Shintoist, Rastafari, Bahá’í, Jains, and more. Personally, I cherish these differences and choose a combination of them all to practice (except Atheist – I do believe there is a higher power & from personal experience know that we are not in control of everything). I say ‘Happy Holidays’ joyfully and wholeheartedly to encompass the entire range of religious, spiritual, giving season of peace toward all mankind. And womankind. Wishing you “Happy Holidays” is my way of saying ‘I love you all’, no matter your religious/spiritual preference.  From my heart to yours. xoxoxo

Storm Brewing

December 18, 2012

Steider Studios:  Storm Brewing

Storm brewing over the Columbia River and Columbia River Gorge in White Salmon WA.

After the Storm

February 24, 2012

I didn’t finish telling you about this January storm!   It left a huge mess to clean up!  Shady areas took the brunt of falling limbs. I lost many trees and will have to heavily prune a few shrubs, then hope for the best.  I was so sad the morning I discovered how much I’d lost.  For days all I could do was look out the windows at young trees snapped in half and old trees with branches barely hanging on that would need to be sawed off.

The weight of a couple feet of snow, topped with a few inches of freezing rain froze everything solid and spelled disaster when a wind storm came along the following day.  Debris is knee high along this path…or what WAS a path.  I lost a couple trees in this area too, but the shrubs should all be ok.

I think these trees along my driveway, next to the iris beds will be ok after some major pruning. They didn’t have any heavy limbs falling on them, but branches snapped from heavy ice.  Oh, and did I tell you our power went on and off the first two days, then went out completely for five days.  Amazing how dependent we are on electricity.  At least we stayed warm & were able to cook on our wood stove!

Today the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing, so I decided to tackle this section of my garden because I see it from my studio window every day.  I’m on the Gorge Artists Open Studio Tour again, so need to get my garden sorted out before April!  Maybe if I work on a different section each week I can have it ready in time.  Folks have to walk through my garden to get to my studio so I want it to look as nice as possible.

I have to share something wonderful that happened in the midst of my angst over this disaster in my garden.

I received a phone call from our local nursery, Vanguard, telling me they had something in their office for me & would I mind stopping in when I next came into town.  Well, not one that can hold my curiosity, I dashed into town to see what they had for me!

Someone had phoned in an order to replace my trees!  What??!!  One of my Facebook Friends, anonymously gave me the most amazing gift.  Beyond the trees, my “Facebook Forest Friend” as she/he prefers to be called gave me a sense of wonder.

An overwhelming and amazing gratitude is what I felt when given something valuable and unexpected without anything in return required…not even a ‘thank you note or phone call’…anonymously.  I don’t think these words are quite saying it.  Simply put I was blown away.  And still am!

Back to my clean-up, here’s the ‘after’ photo of the section shown above, with all the debris now raked up.  You can see where I piled the debris in the back left part of this photo, but you can see it better below.

For scale, I had my dog Treasure sit in front.  It’s about 2′ deep x 3′ tall by 8′ wide.  Just from one section!  The larger branches wait for me in the upper sections while my back recovers from today.  Some of those larger branches might be good for next year’s wood stove fires!

I can’t thank you enough, my Facebook Forest Friend!  I’ve been putting my list together and will be ordering my new trees very soon.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my gardening journey with you.

Icicles formed the first day of this January storm in the Columbia River Gorge and I realized I’d never tried to photograph one up close.

Looking through icicles hanging off our roof into the forest, I put on some rose colored glasses for my own amusement.

Then I got back to work, shoveling decks.  This side takes all my energy because snow falls here from the roof.

One side of our front deck before shoveling.  This is usually the last to get done because it’s a step down & if it doesn’t get shoveled, nothing is at risk.  My kilns are below the back deck, so I do that one first.

Heavy snowfall the first day, it was gray and dreary, but makes a pretty picture.

I needed a little color, so found my yellow glass garden fairy to photograph.  It was snowing hard, but you can still see her.

Day two of our January storm gave us 24″ of snow, overnight!  Treasure loved it!

Looking at the same half of my deck on day two, even my red glass ladybug is covered with snow.

My glass garden fairy is getting worried about the snow level rising!

Forging a path to the road where our cars are parked.  I throw snowballs, Treasure chases them.  All the way to the road.

From the front, my blue chairs are buried, but I can still see blue behind them.

Treasure chasing snowballs in the back yard.

Day two of the storm and I’m running out of shoveling steam.  Back to the rose colored glasses!

Everyone has a job to do during a snowstorm….well, except Critter.  “You can’t make me” is her mantra.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your winter is warm and toasty!!


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