Where did Summer Go?

November 13, 2010

Peak Iris Bloom

My poor garden is only half as neglected as my garden blog.  I’ve managed to get out and pull a weed or two here and there.   Work has been so busy this year that it actually took over my life.  That’s a good thing, mind you.  As a self-employed artist, I’m  overjoyed at the abundance of work I’ve received this year.  You can see some of my projects here. Unfortunately that means deer and weeds have had their way with my garden.

In June, garden highlights were iris.  I’ll start catching you up there.



Pink Bubbles

Bold Vision



You can read about my iris collection here on my July ’09 post.

There were other flowers blooming in June….


Pink Verbascom

I love verbascom.

Purple Verbascom

We love watching birds in the garden and had a mourning dove arrive for her annual visit…

Mourning Dove Arrives

….and stay awhile!

mourning dove nesting!

Fun Time at the Feeders

This shot of  goldfinches and pine siskins won an honorable mention from BackYard Bird Shop’s photo contest!

A Pair of Quail

But the highlight of June was this pair of quail showing up for the first time!

Lazuli Bunting

That is, until I noticed this Lazuli Bunting!  I grabbed my camera and shot through the window, fearing it would be gone if I went outside to get a clear photo.  I think this might have been our bird thrill of the year, as we’ve never seen one before.  Sure hope whatever it found attractive enough to land brings it back again next year!

Thanks for stopping by after such a long drought, next time I’ll post July highlights!




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