F. stenanthera, one of the earliest frits to bloom, it's an unusual pink color!

Have I told you I’m a collector?  Why have just one when you can have multiples.  Not multiples of the same thing, mind you, but different views of the same idea.

F. pallidiflora, large, yellow, easy to grow.

Or in this case, different varieties of the same flower.  Like Fritillaria.  I love the sweet little flower that comes in many colors and shapes from this interesting bulb.  I even love the name…say it with me….Fritillaria.

F. persica, tall as F. imperialis with small black bells.

I’m attempting to document my collection as each flower blooms (time permitting) and will eventually have photos of each.  Of course, eventually I’ll have every pretty little Fritillaria!

F. assyriaca must have been a favorite one year because it's growing in multiple spots!

I just placed my order with Odyssey Bulbs for F. caucasica, F. nigra, F. whittallii, F. bucharica and F. camschatcensis.  I’ve tried F. camschatcensis many times without success.  So what do I do?

F. acmopetala is very subtle, but large enough it doesn't go unnoticed.

This time I ordered three (three’s a charm) to try each in a different location…I MUST have this beautiful black beauty!  And the price has come down since I first tried it.

F. lanceolata - I think this is the wild Guinea Hen but I have several that are similar.

My day job (I run a full-time  art glass studio) is still preventing me from spending time in the garden, so weeds have overgrown and this blog has become dusty.

I began my collection with the Crown Imperial as the centerpiece of my first bulb bed.

Although I long for the outdoors and tending my plants, I am grateful for the work in our current economy, so will refrain from complaint.

F. sewerzowii? Not sure I have the right name here, anyone know?

Thanks for continuing to stop by!  Until my next post….

F. raddeana, a yellow Crown Imperial

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