My list of Tall Bearded Iris has narrowed considerably.  My parents were hobbyist growers and introduced me to Paul Black and Thomas Johnson of  Mid America Gardens, who taught me how to hybridize.  Between the hundreds of iris I purchased, was given and my own hybrids, I ended up with well over 500 varieties.

Over the last five years, as my iris bloomed I dug up those that didn’t make me gasp and immediately walk over to it.  Here’s the short list of what’s left (well, almost I’ll be editing to add photos as they bloom).

Apollo One

Belle de Nuit




Costa Rica

Dark Passion


Gnus Flash

Good Deed

Hollywood Nights


Keeping up Appearances

Lenten Prayer

Lovely Dawn

Lovely Jan

Magical Encounter


Pagan Pink

Pink Flamingos

Plum Fun

Rainbow Tour

River Siren

Soul Sister

Spiced Tiger


Twilight Blaze


Mom gave me these.  I have their names written on a note that I can’t find at the moment, but as soon as I find it, I’ll label them.

This one is located at the edge of my path.  First one in the row, easy to find!

This one is located in the center of the row.

And a couple of my hybrids:

My apricot hybrid

My lavender hybrid

Another lavender hybrid

*Some of these may be intermediates – please let me know & I’ll change the category.  Until I have more time to update, without your corrections they’ll remain listed as Tall Beardeds for now.


2 Responses to “Tall Bearded Iris”

  1. Anneke Says:

    Ooh my dear! I have never seen such a beautiful collection of Iris flowers! Incredibly beautiful! Can’t stop looking at the pictures! Greetings from Holland.

  2. Thank you so much Anneke!

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