I took these shots tonight because we have a storm rolling in & I didn’t know if I would have a chance to capture it on New Year’s Eve, tomorrow night.

The Blue Moon is the second full moon occuring in a month and there are many myths and legends surrounding it.  I found this National Geographic article interesting regarding some of the science and folklore.

As always, thanks for stopping by.  Until next time wishing you a happy, healthy, and heavenly 2010!

From my garden to yours, wishing you love, light, and laughter!!

Some of my favorite ornaments to share:  I love red.  I love hearts.

I love pink fluffy flowers.  I love angels.

I love glass.  I love music.

I love to dance.  I love all the ballerinas in my family.

I love blue.  I love nutcrackers too.

I love my Santa.  He’s the light in my life.

I love butterflies.  I love funky style.

I love unique & individuality.  I love to shop for plants.

I love love.  There should be more of it in this world we all share.

Treasure loves everything and everyone.

Thanks for stopping by….until next time……….


December 20, 2009

…at the end of the tunnel…. Thinking of the song, ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’… Spending time decompressing and watching sunsets… Resting and Relaxing!

This time of year my garden is way on the back burner.  I just finished my busiest season, producing enough work for not only the galleries and shops that carry my glass, but also enough work to take to the holiday art and craft shows, my studio sale AND my on-line store at 1000 Markets.  Whew!  Now for a few days of Resting and Relaxing!  And catching up here with you!!

No doubt you’ll be happy to hear that Treasure and I are well on the road to recovery after our misadventure last month. I’m so appreciative of all your comments, good thoughts and prayers.  It really helped me get through that difficult time.

Hope your holidays are filled with light, love, and laughter!  If your preparations are frantic, I hope you can take a little time to join me for a moment and enjoy the sunsets.

Thanks for stopping by….until next time……

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